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Founded in 1999, Naked Rain was created as a result of primary research conducted in the bottle water industry by founder William Wood. During this research analysis, it was discovered the body can absorb health concerning residuals, like chlorine, from the average daily shower equal to drinking two liters of tap water. This chlorine absorption is facilitated during the daily shower through the skin and by inhalation of chlorine steam.

In essence, health conscious consumers who choose to drink bottled or filtered water but continue to shower in unfiltered tap water only reduce about fifty per cent of the negative chlorine effects on the body.

During the research process, it was discovered the technology for filtering hot water in the shower is relatively new, since the 1980’s. Although the filtering process for many cold drinking water systems is based on carbon filtration, using carbon in a hot water environment is not practical or effective. Naked Rain utilizes a primary filter media KDF as replacement for carbon and developed specifically for chlorine removal in a hot water.

Naked Rain developed its approach to "Healthy Hydration" for both the skin and the body. In addition to the internal health benefits achieved for the body, Naked Rain shower filtration and oxygenation promotes healthier skin and hair by eliminating the drying effects of chlorine while infusing oxygen to your shower spray. This benefit is especially important for active consumers who may shower twice a day and for aging baby boomers.

The Naked Rain Trading Company markets Naked Rain products at national and regional consumer events such as the Whole Life Expo, The Green Festival and through its company website.

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